The Effect of Modalert on Appetite

Modalert is a racemic compound used as a supplement and usually taken through oral administration. The exact mechanism through which it affects brain functions remains unknown but as far as appetite goes, research has identified how the drug works. First off, it increases the amount of dopamine in the body by inhibiting the production and functioning of molecules that remove or reduce dopamine. Consequently, the increased level of the compound suppresses appetite by removing the motivation for food completely. Insulin and leptin hormones use the readily available dopamine to tell the brain that the body does not need any blood sugar (found in food) and therefore you will not feel the urge to eat.

Furthermore, Modalert elevates serotonin. This feel good chemical not only manages mood but also regulates stress while at the same time suppressing appetite. It gives the body its natural ability to curb cravings and shut off appetite or the need to eat. Typically, the body can only make serotonin after you have consumed sugary or starchy carbohydrates. But with Modalert, there is no need for you to consume any carbohydrates because the supplement will automatically increase serotonin and thus reduce appetite.

Finally, it also reduces the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate, neurotransmitters that brings about sleepiness, relaxation and most importantly inhibit food cravings. That means by taking Modalert, you are instructing your body to resist or ignore any food cravings and instead suppress your appetite.

Note that apart from suppressing your appetite, the changes caused by dopamine, serotonin, GABA and glutamate will not have any negative effect on your body. They will just decrease the need for calorie intake (by up to 38%). That is why Modalert appetite suppression is considered to be one of the safest today.

How Modalert Increases Appetite

Although Modalert is primarily known to reduce appetite, many users have reported that their craving for food increased after they took the supplement. There is no conclusive research on what could cause such a reaction but the justification is that the stable mood combined with increased cognitive and physical functions can result in the need for more energy, which in turn increases the need for calories and thus appetite.

The question of whether your appetite will increase or decrease when on Modalert is dependent on the person, but the general assertion is that if you are prone to effect inversion (a situation where your body reacts to a drug or supplement in an opposite manner to how it should) then the drug will boost your appetite rather than suppressing it. Others hold that it starts by suppressing appetite first before elevating it after four to eight weeks of consistent use.

Ripple Effects and Consequences

Regardless of whether Modalert increases or decreases your appetite, if you watch your eating habits carefully, you won’t experience any unwanted consequences. But if you don’t, you risk being overweight due to overeating (in case you experience increased appetite) or facing malnutrition if you eat less than you should. It is worth noting that due to Modalert appetite effect, many people rely on the supplement to lose weight while still maintaining high energy during the weight loss period. Its major benefit is that it provides a balanced boost to your mental and physical energies compared to other supplements.

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