Modalert Vs. Provigil

Both Provigil and Modalert are exclusively well-rated cognitive enhancers that have received extensive rave reviews from millions of regular users worldwide. Whereas the two have resounding similarities, they also exhibit a number of subtle dissimilarities.

Generally, different people normally go for varying product brands depending on their specific individual tastes and preferences. The same case applies when looking at Modalert Vs. Provigil. Each of these trademarks has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages alike. Nevertheless, the slight differences between the nootropics don’t markedly alter the desired outcomes in any notable manner.

To begin with, it’s imperative to note that Modalert is a generic version of Provigil, also called Modafinil. This general variety is manufactured by Sun Pharma – a giant drug company based in India. As such, Modafinil is evidently the principal constituent that serves as the active ingredient responsible for the intense mind-enhancing properties in each of the two closely related products.

Although saliently different, many of the unverified variations cited by random individuals who have used both Provigil and Modalert aren’t scientifically provable. Instead, most of these alleged dissimilarities are merely personal experiences that majorly depend on one’s unique physiological factors. As a result, it’s advisable to go by strictly infallible scientific facts when comparing these strikingly similar nootropic brands.

One of the key aspects that distinguish Provigil from Modalert is that the former is extremely expensive. In fact, Provigil is only used by fairly well-to-do consumers in particularly wealthy regions like the United States and United Kingdom. Even in such localities, this original Modafinil formulation is almost always affordable to specifically rich folks – not middle-income earners.

Therefore, one of the outstanding reasons most buyers choose Modalert is that they pay a lot less, and still achieve the same results. Nearly all Modalert users claim to have not experienced any significantly more intense cognitive-enhancing effects after taking Provigil. Consequently, it indeed sounds somewhat imprudent to fork out extra bucks purchasing the more expensive formulation while the cheaper version is readily available on the internet.

While it’s understandably wise to avoid mass-produced drugs made or distributed by Asian pharmaceutical companies, these chiefly genuine fears are usually overblown in certain cases. Remember the impregnable truth that a great deal of American medicines are also synthesized in oriental locations such as China and India.

Consequently, all the supposed red flags commonly associated with Modalert basically amount to nothing more than unconfirmed hearsay. You don’t have to view the otherwise effective brain energizer with unjustified suspicion based on the sheer fact that it’s manufactured, packaged, and distributed by an Indian pharmaceutical firm. You also ought to accept that Sun Pharma also sells scores of other health products that have deservedly established respectable presence in the North American drugs market.

By the same token, you need a doctor’s prescription to access Provigil in places like Europe and North America. For instance, it’s impossible to get this patented Modafinil variety in the United States without a formal prescriptive document issued by a certified medic. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to procure Modalert over the web since it’s widely sold by thousands of online vendors who don’t require buyers to have a doctor’s endorsement. Subsequently, a Modalert purchaser is doubly luck since they enjoy both affordable prices and ready availability.

However, actual laboratory inquests and dozens of in-depth observations by experts have shown that Provigil influences the brain in a chemically stronger manner. As a result, it’s irrefutable that it offers some greater(and perhaps slightly more lasting) mind-boosting outcomes.

Nevertheless, it’s the very same comparative merits highlighted in the foregoing paragraph that give Provigil more lingering side effects like headaches and nausea. Nonetheless, the authentic drug’s unmistakable packaging design makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit – unlike Modalert which might be forged by some unscrupulous scammers out there.






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