Modafinil in the Silicon Valley – Tell-Tale Facts and First-Hand Evidence

Modafinil has lately evolved to become the smart drug of choice for millions of high achievers across all ages, professions, and social divides.  It’s no longer the prescription-only substance it used to be about a decade ago. Once viewed as a cognitive self-improvement pill for middling professionals and busy students, Modafinil has recently found its way into the Silicon Valley.

The rejuvenating tablet is no longer a smart drug for aiding long hours of academic research or helping the average professional complete a chain of endless tasks in time – it’s also a newfound mind booster for international corporate legends striving to dream up the next multi-billion idea. Modafinil isn’t not a mere godsend intervention for people working multiple shifts to make both ends meet. Not anymore. Well-moneyed blue-chip CEOs are in it too – desperately trying to outsmart their market competitors by working harder, longer, and smarter every day.

Tangible evidence from credible sources shows that high-ranking executives in the Silicon Valley tech world are pushing workers to put more time and greater critical reasoning into production and innovation processes. Commonly referred to as “biohacking” by insiders, use of Modafinil for increased mental strength and enhanced emotional fortitude has literally become the order of the day in the Silicon Valley’s current crop of top-cadre innovators and revered tech wizards.

Some of the tell-tale facts that strongly support the unquestionable use of Modafinil in Silicon Valley include first-hand confessions by individual users. Other Modafinil users in these globally revered business circles have hinted to have been working throughout unnaturally long hours, thus confirming some previously unverified claims linking them to Modafinil. Various one-on-one media interviews and a couple of confidential/closed-door cross-examinations have also divulged the truth that renowned investment and technology brainiacs owe their spectacular entrepreneurial record to Modafinil.

As you may have already observed previously, there’s always something in every successful entrepreneur’s life/personality that looks or sounds quite beyond normal. And you bet Silicon Valley is full of such “super-normal” folks; guys who evidently manifest superhuman memories, incredible concentration, enviable attention span; individuals who are apparently capable of handling somewhat elusive stuff that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Most admirable corporate geeks making headlines in the Silicon Valley are indeed routine Modafinil users, as many recent in-depth surveys reveal.

After having tried anything that can boost one’s alertness out there – beginning with mundane stimulants such as caffeine and later advancing to other widely praised nootropics like Ritalin – scores of celebrated corporate thinkers have finally found the very zenith of accelerated emotional energy and tireless cognitive capabilities: Modafinil.

To gain a favorable competitive edge against industry rivals, keen entrepreneurs are no longer relying on their normal faculties that are highly susceptible to natural boredom, quick fatigue, and countless exhaustion-related diversions. Instead, they make use of Modafinil to attain adequate nerve and enthusiasm to withstand tens of hours of critical thinking and unprecedented analytical scrutiny.

Perhaps motivated by a meta-analysis recently disseminated by notable researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Oxford that Modafinil is an effective cognitive enhancer that helps otherwise normal or average individuals think better, a few influential Silicon Valley figures have publicly admitted to have used this pill. Dave Asprey is a key example of these candid corporate bigwigs. Dave not only openly endorsed the drug as a reliable brain booster but also accepted that he’s been taking a few Modafinil pills on a daily basis!

During an eye-opening CNN interview in 2015, the 42-year-old founder cited Modafinil as among very few substances that give users a marked competitive edge over their competitors in an already overcrowded industry. While others just mentioned the fact that they supported the idea of using Modafinil for improved mental alertness and greater concentration, Dave Asprey is perhaps the very first recognized Silicon Valley luminary to offer an honest and extensive individual account of using the mind-empowering pill to attain beyond-normal productivity levels.

As the media interrogation delved into privier bits, Dave Asprey astounded many viewers when he said he mixes Modafinil with a couple of other drugs for maximum results. Even when queried about the possible consequences of his unconventional decision, the trailblazer ‘defended himself by suggesting that an investor should embrace a devoted athlete’s mindset. Just like an Olympic champion will do pretty anything that lands them the gold even it “shortens their life by 5 years”, so is an aspiring businessperson, explained the controversial entrepreneur.

While giving the greatest credit to Modafinil’s unmatched energizing potency, Asprey concedes that the cocktail of mind-enhancing supplements enable him and his colleagues overcome natural barriers to operate throughout extended periods of time. According to this entrepreneurial mogul, the pill is not just for folks who want to manage a single night’s list of demanding chores.

In fact, Asprey opines that this great tablet is for focused and dedicated people willing to invest many unyielding months of concentrated energy on specific tasks. Even more thought-provoking, Asprey proposed the substance as the Holy Grail for those seeking to dedicate several consecutive years to a particular investment idea. Going by his personal view, Modafinil works best for dedicated minds willing to do all they can to implement a given novel idea.

Several nootropics companies accept that they receive questions from scores of high-flying Silicon Valley executives seeking “biohackers” such as Modafinil. From their explanations and unremitting quest for better performance/results, one nootropics marketer reveals, these empowerment-hungry CEO’s don’t spend much time listening to any possible side effects of these pills. As long as they’re assured of unmitigated wakefulness and continued concentration, there’s quite little else to really worry about.

Nut-shelled, taking Modafinil in the present Silicon Valley tech and corporate world isn’t viewed as any big deal by insiders. To them, taking Modafinil for increased work volumes and extended concentration is the 21st-century “cup of tea” for overworked thinkers and time-crunched top executives out there. Here, it’s all about enhanced productivity – whether you’ll get from Modafinil or any other practically helpful smart drug. Like they say – the end simply justifies the means, going by the insatiably results-driven Silicon Valley tech geeks and corporate moguls ready to use anything to attain their much-desired goals.

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