Modafinil as a study pill

Modafinil is increasingly being used among students to help them stay awake, focused and be able to work better. Even though Modafinil is not licensed for this use, increased attribution to it as a smart drug has seen individuals obtain it illegally without subscription. A recent study at the British Oxford University claims that Modafinil only improved specific cognitive features. According to the researchers, the drug seemed to improve what they call executive function, which is the ability to go through new information and make plans based on it. It in some way also improved one’s ability to pay attention, learn and remember. However, the use of Modafinil as a study pill is still has some limits. According to clinical trials, the drug had little effect on creativity or motor excitability and it also did not boost working memory or the ability to divide attention as many are made to believe.

Students using Modafinil curse that it helps them learn a lot quickly and that it gives them the ability to work harder and longer. Some say they feel smarter and other say that the drug just gives them more enthusiasm to work for longer hours. Well known professionals also admit to using Modafinil as a smart drug to help them with their jobs or cope with other areas of their life that require cognitive contribution. While studying hard remains the only effective and reliable solution to attaining good results, the society today has an increased need to shorten the means to an end and therefore they will still continue to use Modafinil as a study pill for as long as there is no concrete evidence to suggest its effect is otherwise.

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