How Can Programmers Benefit From Modafinil

Programming can be tiring. For many programmers, after spending days coding, the motivation to continue going on may just not be present. Sometimes, it may be that the project they are handling is plainly uninspiring. They may sit at their desk, fumbling with the keyboard and doing nothing else. If you are a programmer, and ever find yourself in this difficult situation, think of using the nootropic drug, Modafinil.

Modafinil is one of the most popular cognitive enhancers in Silicon Valley, and one of the ways it helps programmers is that it elevates and improves mood, making undesirable tasks seem more interesting.  For a code monkey, or a programmer who is burnt out and seeking distraction, Modafinil comes to the rescue.  It helps such a programmer focus on the tasks at hand, and feel better, happier, content and less interested in seeking distractions.

Modafinil is so good in bringing on and maintaining focus, that you need to plan what you intend to accomplish, before taking it. If there is no initial planning, the user may just go on and on, and become too detailed. This may be a downside as the drug is long acting and so, getting lost in the details may waste the user’s time.

As mentioned before, the work of a programmer may be tedious. Modafinil has been found to better performance when work is long and demanding. A programmer may have to put in late hours. It’s virtually impossible to fall asleep on Modafinil. A coder on Modafinil will continue working through their sleeping hours without any sleepiness or decreasing productivity.

Modafinil works very well to mask the symptoms of fatigue. Fatigue is not felt so long as the drug is still effective, which is usually up to 15 hours after taking it. That programmer who has to work long hours will continue with their work, unaffected by the fatigue that would otherwise stop his productivity. But even here there is a caution. When the drug’s effects wear off, the masked fatigue and sleepiness does really take effect on the body.

This may actually be a pro of the drug in the sense that the coder cannot totally deprive himself off sleep and rest.  But if they want to get something done, they can do it in a better than usual mental state after taking the smart drug and then go off to rest.

When resistance to fatigue is improved, a coder using Modafinil is in better mental state. This effect results in increased working memory. The smart drug also helps a coder function smarter as it is a cognition enhancer. This can improve speed of delivery as a coder will see through issues faster.

Modafinil enhances a programmer’s ability to use and plan with newly acquired information. This does go a long way in helping a programmer who is constantly finding new ways to apply the information he acquires.

Looking at Modafinil’s profile, any programmer can see they do really need this drug. It will help them focus, think better and be interested in whatever they are doing.

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