Combining Modafinil with a Ketogenic Diet

Bio-hacking has become the most exciting of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. For amateurs who must wonder what the rather esoteric term “bio-hacking” means, the answer is quite as short as the fairly novel terminology itself. It is simply a freshly coined reference to the use of nootropics to boost one’s otherwise limited cognitive capabilities.

Among these mind-altering substances (nootropics), there are some that aren’t widely regarded by many users and a couple of remarkably fewer others that are universally endorsed by both consumers and the world’s leading neuroscientists themselves. Clearly, Modafinil happens to be within the latter category of resoundingly rave-reviewed cognitive boosters.

As such, Modafinil is a pretty amazing brain enhancer that increasing millions of users worldwide swear by. It literally “hacks” your general body and catapults the easily fatigued human mind to impressively greater heights such that the users pull of hitherto impossible intellectual tasks. In short, the top-rated pill has now become an internationally acclaimed way of enabling individuals to reach outstandingly higher productivity levels they have never even slightly imagined previously.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

One of the most popular fitness regimens out there, Ketogenic diet is also known as Keto diet and is a chiefly low-carb menu that features uniquely little bodybuilding ingredients. The extensively praised catalogue of perfectly nutritional composition contains a strikingly high amounts of healthy fats. As a result, the majorly low-carb dieting package is meant to equip the body with amazingly nourishing ingredients that see you shed excess pounds within an incredibly shorter duration than many other less effective weight loss dietary blends in the present nutrition industry.

Therefore, a Ketogenic diet comprises slimming food constituents that quickly turn your body into an efficient fat-burner. Basically, when someone is on the said diet, their body starts utilizing healthy fats as a useful metabolism catalyst instead of calorie-laden carbohydrates. Over a surprisingly brief time period this globally lauded way of eating makes it very easy for the body to easily access the a larger percentage of cholesterol deposits and thus expediently burn them off. Moreover, the wonderfully efficacious fat metabolization process also fast converts fat buildups into ketones in the liver, which in turn supply a greater deal of vitally essential nutritional energy for a sharper brain.

Although the ubiquitously top-ranked diet was first brought to public limelight in the 1920’s, it’s only now that top nutrition scientists are realizing just how unbeatably effective it can be for dieters seeking to increase their mental and physical energy levels, as well as for those who want to lose fat fast.

Given the notably obvious fact Modafinil is the best cognitive enhancer now trending in the smart drugs market, and owing to the undeniable truth that Ketogenic diet is probably the most top-rated dietary composition for improving both mental and physical health, using them together can yield very tellingly positive fitness results.

Longer-Lasting Mind-Enhancing Results

The first profoundly unmistakable plus that the average biohacker experiences when they use Modafinil while on Ketogenic diet is that tablet’s primary effects last notably much longer when the body is in ketosis. This intriguing phenomenon is mainly attributable to the fact that healthy fats are normally packed with copious quantities of singularly helpful nutrients that the brain requires proper function and stability.

For millions of users who are not in ketosis, it’s highly probable that brain energizer’s vividly palpable outcomes wear off because the requisite brain health nutrients have already been used up. Subsequently, regular Ketogenic dieters have a much-needed excess of these mind-fortifying nutritional elements in their systems – and thus Modafinil’s mind-elevating aftereffects remain powerfully evident much longer. In fact, it’s strongly advised that any unlucky fan of the magical dose who doesn’t attain the desired brain power after dosing embark on Ketogenic dieting ways in order to bolster the elusive mental and emotional upshots they actually crave.

What’s even more doubly advantageous than achieving clearly improved intellectual capabilities, easily tired individuals with a naturally diminished attention span and a heavier-than-normal body should opt for both Ketogenic menus and routine Modafinil doses. Deciding to go for these tremendously beneficial twin health and productivity hacks will prove to be as advantageous as the proverbial killing of two birds using just a single stone. Who can ever shun the irrefutable merits of being not only physically ship-shape but also cognitively unconquerable?

Sharper Mental Focus

Another outstanding benefit of combining Modafinil intake and keto diet is that the doser’s cognitive focus improves rather massively. These commendably stronger mind-boosting results can hardly be achieved through any other Modafinil stacks out there. In fact, the unquestionably more pronounced intellectual betterment achieved through the matchless duo can be felt by a total beginner who hasn’t used the smart drug before. This is no doubt the very distinct reason certain inexperienced ‘combiners’ as well as half-informed medical pundits have reportedly described the resultant idyllic state of intellectual and emotional all-powerfulness as just sheer “euphoria”.

However, the unhidden reason behind these naysayers’ ill-founded descriptions in the foregoing lines is a glaring lack of proper scientific research and concept-based practical analyses. Which truly seasoned science scholar can ever fail acknowledge the key role Ketogenic diet fats play toward nurturing a factually (and also practically) more robust human brain? The impregnably true brain-fortifying merits linked to consuming nourishing fats might be a controversially debate subject among divergent scientific fact finders, but they genuinely remain almost entirely unopposed in the main.

Ketogenic fats help eaters reach ketosis quickly, and thus accelerate the previously slower flow of freshly oxygenated blood from the heart and lungs (chest area) to the cerebral region. Consequently, there’s absolutely no denying the fact-backed argument that the aforementioned fatty dieting regimen straightaway enables a typical Modafinil user realize the potent pill’s outcomes not just sooner and all the more rejuvenatingly after taking but also over substantially longer time period.

Fewer Breaks

Furthermore, many Modafinil fans have already found out that Ketogenic diet is a remarkably godsend thing for them simply due to the plain reason that it reduces their breaks. Needless to overemphasize, fats as it enables them to take fewer breaks. Fats are a much denser food option set against carbohydrates.

As a result, frequent Ketogenic diet aficionados end up taking much smaller meal servings than their counterparts who aren’t on this really helpful dieting method. It is self-explanatory that the markedly heavier alternatives will render you “fuller” both more quickly and more lastingly than high-carb bites. This worthy revelation means that after a Ketogenic meal, eaters generally won’t have to fight insatiable temptation to carelessly snack; and can thus conveniently work for many unusual hours without likely interruptions.

Again, the two lifestyle hacks will readily aid the weight loss dieter’s pursuit for less pounds because of the appetite-suppressing qualities of the chart-topping nootropic brand. In short, no one has any credible basis for trashing the merit-supported principle that Ketogenic diet combined with regular Modafinil’s brain-steadying upshots is the most awesome trick anyone may currently to achieve perfectly healthy weight readings and at the same time increase their brain’s cognitive function affordably and safely.

Distinctly Healthier Sleep Cycles/Patterns

A sizable number of Modafinil dosers who also follow Ketogenic dieting tenets have so far discovered that they need distinctly fewer recovery sleep hour. A noteworthy count of people who’ve been on the perfectly complements pair acknowledge that they don’t that they don’t experience any serious sleeping difficulties.

Summarily, a combination of Keto diet and Modafinil makes for an excellent double cure for mental inefficiencies and excess body mass. Whether your personal case entails slightly more of either of these two challenges than the other or you’re equally plagued by both of them, the jointly rewarding self-improvement hacks will certainly yield encouragingly positive results for everyone out there.

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