23 06, 2019

Is Modafinil addictive?

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Initially, when the drug was developed in 1998, Modafinil was used as a drug to treat Narcolepsy. In 2003, the FDA approved the drug for treatment of excessive daytime sleeping and sleep apnea.  Due to some of the qualities that this drug has, it has been prescribed for fatigue. Scientists suggest healthy responsible adults [...]

13 05, 2019

Modafinil for Weight Loss

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While it's not formally advisable to use a drug for other purposes other than the principal use for which it was invented, this generally common practice is evidently widespread in the current world. In fact, this clearly explains why Modafinil, a wakefulness-boosting pharmaceutical pill initially meant for treating narcolepsy plus a few other similar [...]

18 03, 2019

Combining Modafinil with a Ketogenic Diet

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Bio-hacking has become the most exciting of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. For amateurs who must wonder what the rather esoteric term "bio-hacking" means, the answer is quite as short as the fairly novel terminology itself. It is simply a freshly coined reference to the use of nootropics to boost one's otherwise limited cognitive [...]

17 04, 2018

How Can Programmers Benefit From Modafinil

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Programming can be tiring. For many programmers, after spending days coding, the motivation to continue going on may just not be present. Sometimes, it may be that the project they are handling is plainly uninspiring. They may sit at their desk, fumbling with the keyboard and doing nothing else. If you are a programmer, [...]

17 04, 2018

Modafinil in the Silicon Valley – Tell-Tale Facts and First-Hand Evidence

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Modafinil has lately evolved to become the smart drug of choice for millions of high achievers across all ages, professions, and social divides.  It's no longer the prescription-only substance it used to be about a decade ago. Once viewed as a cognitive self-improvement pill for middling professionals and busy students, Modafinil has recently found [...]

17 04, 2018

Modafinil Tolerance

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Because of its phenomenal benefits and very few side effects, Modafinil is considered to be a “miracle drug.” Nevertheless, many nootropic enthusiasts wonder whether too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Indeed, we know that the mind and body will grow accustomed to anything that we do consistently, resulting in a [...]

17 04, 2017

Sun Pharma Modafinil Review

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Sun Pharma is an Indian drug company that produces, among other pharmaceutical brands, a generic form of Provigil which is often marketed under the name "Modalert". According to a large number of consumers across the continents, this off-label trademark elicits cognitive enhancement results that closely parallel those of Lafon's original formulation - Provigil. Many [...]